Love in a warming climate.

Inviting Lord Christopher Monckton to address their conference, the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies in Australia quite declared their hand, their heart and their politics.

Accepting a similar invitation, Tony Abbot declared his.

Agreeing to share a pulpit with this professional fraud, the leader of the Australian federal opposition has disgraced himself and discredited his party.

Monckton, a notorious showman in the cause of opposing climate science, recently publicly accused the Australian government’s advisor on climate matters as having a fascist viewpoint.

“Professor Ross Garnaut, that again is a fascist point of view that you merely accept authority without question. Heil Hitler, on we go.” said Monckton.

It rather occurs to me that it is those who reject the science who “… accept authority without question.” Surely it is science that is constantly open to the most rigorous testing and stringent peer review. While it is anti-science that resorts to rabble-rousing rhetoric.

The authority they accept being big business and big mining. Their maxim being profits now why care about a future they will not be alive to suffer.

Monckton spoke before a banner of a swastika and declared “Heil Hitler”.

Abbot attempts to wash his hands by saying he will not actually speak on the same platform or – heaven forbid – meet Monckton in person.

So that’s alright then?

No, Tony, not good enough, not nearly good enough. Shame.

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